Welcome Back From Retreat!

Congratulations!  You made it back from retreat.  Hopefully your knees have recovered from all of that time in prayer. :)  We're sure you are back to the very important work of starting back up all those snapchat streaks you had to give up.  

Returning from a retreat can be an awesome experience.  You can feel like you were on a mountain and had an incredible experience with God. Or, perhaps we were a little confused and are worried we "did it wrong" if we don't feel a huge change.  Please don't worry!  The Holy Spirit is alive and in you--no matter what your reaction is.

When you get back to school you may even be faced with some resistance or mocking from people who want to know why you spent your weekend at "God camp?"  Don't be discouraged and don't be surprised!  Remember that Christ is in them as well and try to respond with love and understanding and resist the urge to be hurtful in response.

Instead, remember that there are LOTS of new resources you have on your team to help you out. So, don't just go back to the "same old routine."  Try out some of these tools, people, and resources to help you keep the fire burning!

  • Check out some of the photos and relive some of the memories below!
  • Come to youth group Saturday night (4/8) in the Parish Hall (downstairs) at COHF.  The retreat team will be there so you can reconnect and check in to see how your week is going.
  • Make sure you get to Mass!  The same Jesus who was there at Mass at retreat is the SAME Jesus who will be with you whenever you go to mass
  • Connect to some of the members of the retreat team on social media
  • Pick up your bible.  Don't know where to start?  Try the book of Romans.