Disrupted: Holy Thursday Edition

Our theme for last week's youth group was "Disrupted" and we looked at the beautiful ways we can allow Christ to disrupt our lives and bring about some amazing things--including a deeper relationship with our God.

As we begin the most important week of the year (Holy Week) we wanted to remind you about some wonderful opportunities you have this week to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus to make this your best Easter ever!  So, how about you make a commitment?  Let Christ disrupt you this Holy Week by starting it off tonight at Mass?

Today is Holy Thursday.  At Mass this evening, (7:30 PM at Church of the Holy Family) we celebrate a special "Mass of the Last Supper."  This is Mass FULL of incredible meaning, symbolism, and grace.  So, here is a quick primer so you can be prepared:

  • We celebrate the "first" First Communion: We celebrate Jesus giving us His body and blood in the Eucharist at the last supper.  
  • We remind ourselves how to serve others: In our gospel reading we hear about how Jesus--despite being our Lord--comes to meet us in our messiness.  He bows down to wash the feet of his disciples.  That is the act of a servant--not a king.  But doing that, He shows us how we are to act to others.  Then, to reinforce the point, Father will also wash the feet of any volunteers from the parish.  It's a beautiful ritual done by priests around the world to remind us of our call to serve others.  In fact, Pope Francis today will be doing the same thing washing the feet of prisoners in a jail in Italy today.
  • The evening concludes (though the Mass does not technically end) with the procession of the Host.  All the lights and candles are extinguished. Father carries the blessed host back to the cry room which has been made into a temporary chapel.  This procession reminds us of the arrest and procession of Jesus.
  • All Churches are now stripped bare of all their vestments, tapestries, decorations and cloth.  The tabernacle where the host normally resides is left empty and open.  It is the barren setting that we focus on the death and suffering of Jesus.  It is a beautiful way of remembering His love for us before celebrating the ultimate joy of Easter.
  • Christ in the form of the blessed hosts will be displayed throughout all night (until Midnight) in that temporary chapel.  You are invited to come and be with Jesus.  Sit with Him.  Pray with Him.  Or even just be silent with Him.  It's a beautiful way of building relationship with Him.  After the last supper, all of Christ's friends abandoned Him.  But, we can use this time to be present with Him and reflect back to Jesus His love of us.

We hope to see you there tonight and throughout the Holy Week.  Stay tuned for tomorrow when we show how to let Christ disrupt your Good Friday.