Disrupted: Easter Edition

Satan did NOT see that coming...

Welcome to the celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord, and thank you for letting us "disrupt" a bit of your Easter.  As we conclude Holy Week and the completion of our lenten journey we celebrate Easter---but did you know that this is NOT the end of the Easter Story?  So, let's see how we can let Christ disrupt our Easter and help us to grow even deeper in love with Him.

Easter is not just one day.  It's not just about the resurrection of Christ (though that happened)--it's about Christ revealing himself in new ways to us.  We begin the celebration of the Easter Octave.  These are the 8 days that starts at Easter and goes through the following Sunday known as "Divine Mercy" Sunday.  So, for starters, try to get to a daily mass this week (7:00 at COHF on Tuesday and Thursday).

There are so many amazing things about Easter.  Christ used His death on the cross to destroy the power of death.  Because He willingly allowed himself to die for our sins on the cross, we have the opportunity to have eternal life with Him.  It was the LAST thing satan would have expected.  Christ sacrificing His life for us to us was the ultimate example of love. And, in doing so, God took a tragedy and brought power, beauty an goodness to it.  It's a reminder: God can take our deepest valleys and find a way to bring good to them.

So, as you celebrate the Easter Octave make sure you remember that sacrificial love and that goodness to all of your struggles this week.

Finally, try to let yourself embrace the mercy of Christ through the celebration of Divine Mercy next Sunday.  It's no accident that the Church put this on the calendar to conclude the Easter Octave.  The start of Easter reminds us that Jesus ends the power of death and gives us the opportunity for eternal life.  The conclusion of the Octave with Divine Mercy shows us one of the most powerful ways to achieve it: by accepting Christ's mercy into our life.  We'll talk more about that later!

Oh and don't forget---the Octave of Easter lasts for 8 days.  But the entire Easter SEASON lasts for 50 days (concluding at Pentecost).  Why does Easter last for 50 days and lent only 40?  Because we were made for the joy and celebration of Easter.  So, make sure you do some holy celebrating!