9 Days for Life

Forr the last few months, our youth nights have been focused on being pro-life.  But, rather than being pro-life in the way defined by the media, we are focused on being UNIVERSALLY pro-life. That means, we are focused on living our lives in a way that respects, loves, and values the dignity of every human life.  From our neighbors to immigrants.  From prisoners to kings. From the poor to the rich.  And from the unborn to the born.  We are called to respect and love all forms of life without limitation.

While we have been talking about ways we can be pro-life in our schools and communities, sometimes it seems like it can be tough to find opportunities to live out this important element of our faith.  Fortunately, starting today, our Bishops have given us an awesome way.

Thursday, January 18-26 marks "9 Days for Life."  This 9 day period marks a time of prayer, penance and reflection for all life.  Each day features a brief prayer, reflection, and some form of action or sacrifice we can make to unite with the needs of others.  You can go online here to view each day's exercise, but an even easier way is to download the 9 Days App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

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